General-purpose microcontroller :

  • A microcontroller contains one or more CPUs (processor cores) along with memory and programmable input/output peripherals.
  • Microcontrollers are designed for embedded applications, in contrast to the microprocessors used in personal computers or other general purpose applications consisting of various discrete chips.

Microcontroller :

  • The fixed amount of on-chip ROM, RAM, and number of I/O ports makes them ideal for many applications in which cost and space are critical
  • In many applications, the space it takes, the power it consumes, and the price per unit are much more critical considerations than the computing power8051 MICROCONTROLLER
  • An embedded product uses a microprocessor (or microcontroller) to do one task and one task only
  • There is only one application software that is typically burned into ROM
  • A PC, in contrast with the embedded system, can be used for any number of applications. It has RAM memory and an operating system that loads a variety of applications into RAM and lets the CPU run them
  • A PC contains or is connected to various embedded products
  • Each one peripheral has a microcontroller inside it that performs only one task
  • Home :
  • Appliances, intercom, telephones, security systems, garage door openers, answering machines, fax machines, home computers, TVs, cable TV tuner, VCR, camcorder, remote controls, video games, cellular phones, musical instruments, sewing
  • machines, lighting control, paging, camera, pinball machines, toys, exercise equipment8051 MICROCONTROLLER
  • Office :
  • Telephones, computers, security systems, fax machines, microwave, copier, laser printer, color printer, paging.MACHINE DRAWING
  • Auto :
  • Trip computer, engine control, air bag, ABS, instrumentation, security system, transmission
  • control, entertainment, climate control, cellular phone, keyless entry.
  • The 8051 family has the largest number of diversified (multiple source) suppliers.
  • Intel (original)
  • Philips/Signetics
  • AMD
  • Infineon (formerly Siemens)STRENGTH OF MATERIALS
  • Matra
  • Dallas Semiconductor/Maxim
8051 Microcontroller at Rs 513/piece | Microcontroller | ID: 18928716988
  • The 8051 had :
  • 128 bytes of RAM
  • 4K bytes of on-chip ROM
  • Two timers
  • Four I/O ports, each 8 bits wide
  • 6 interrupt sources

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