The Arduino microcontroller is like a little command center that is awaiting your orders. With a few lines of code, you can make your Arduino turn a light on or off, read a sensor value and display it on your computer screen, or even use it to build a homemade circuit to repair a broken kitchen appliance. Because of the versatility of the Arduino and the massive support available from the online community of Arduino users, it has attracted a new breed of electronics hobbyists who have never before touched a microcontroller, let alone programmed one.

The basic idea of the Arduino is to create an atmosphere where anyone who is interested can participate and contribute with little upfront cost. A basic Arduino board can be found online for around $20, and all of the software needed to program the Arduino is open-source (free to use and modify). You
need only a computer and a standard USB cable. In addition to being inexpensive, the creators of Arduino came up with an easy-to-learn programming language (derived from C++) that incorporates various complex programming functions into simple commands that are much easier for a beginner to learn.

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This book integrates some basic robot-building techniques with the simplicity of the Arduino to create bots that you can modify and improve with a clear understanding of your work. This book is not intended to simply “show” you how to build a bot, but rather to educate the beginning robot builder and hopefully inspire creativity so that you can design, build, and modify your own robots.

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One unavoidable obstacle that most people encounter when building a robot is cost. Obviously we can spend thousands of dollars adding top-of-the-line parts and expensive commercial products, but most hobby builders have neither the time nor the money to build such a robot. With that in mind, this book takes every opportunity to show you how to build a part from scratch—or as inexpensively as possible to get the job done. If any of these methods seem too involved, do not worry because there are substitute parts listed for you to purchase.

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