business law

Business Law

A introduction of Business Law :

Business Law is designed to provide a clear, easy to understand text for those who are new to the study of law or who may be studying law as part of a more general Business course. We recognise that embarking on legal
study for the first time may be a frightening prospect, but if you read this section before starting your studies you may find things a little easier. We have five useful study skills tips for success in law.

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Some of the tips covered in this section relate specifically to the study of law, but others can be applied to a range of subjects. We can’t guarantee success if you follow the tips – that’s largely up to the amount of effort you put into your studies – but we believe that if you adopt a few of our suggestions you will find studying law easier and possibly even enjoyable.

Study skills tips :

Find out what is on the syllabus for your Business Law module or unit. A syllabus is a statement about a course of study. It usually includes an outline of the topics to be covered in the course, the learning objectives, the methods of assessment and an indicative reading list. Business law is a general title for a wide range of modules and units which cover the law relating to business.

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We have tried to cover many of the topics covered in ‘Business Law’ courses in our textbook but there are some topics which we cover in outline only (e.g. law of agency) or do not cover at all (e.g. the law of international trade). Our focus is on the introductory aspects of English law and the English legal system; the law relating to business organisations, namely sole traders, partnerships and companies; legal aspects of business transactions, covering contract, tort, sale and supply of goods, consumer law and criminal liability in the context of business;

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the law relating to business resources, including an outline of the law governing the use of business property and employment law.
At the start of each chapter we have set out the learning objectives of that chapter. A learning objective is a statement of what you should understand when you have completed the chapter. You may find it useful to match the learning objectives of each chapter against the syllabus for your Business Law course. This will help you to identify and concentrate your efforts on the sections of Business Law which are directly relevant to your course of study.

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