Steel construction combines a number of unique features that make it
an ideal solution for many applications in the construction industry. Steel
provides unbeatable speed of construction and off-site fabrication, thereby
reducing the financial risks associated with site-dependent delays. The
inherent properties of steel allow much greater freedom at the conceptual
design phase, thereby helping to achieve greater flexibility and quality.

Design of Steel Structural Elements - CE8601 Anna University ...

In particular, steel construction, with its high strength to weight ratio,
maximizes the useable area of a structure and minimizes self-weight, again
resulting in cost savings. Recycling and reuse of steel also mean that steel
construction is well-placed to contribute towards reduction of the
environmental impacts of the construction sector (Simões da Silva, 2005).

The construction industry is currently facing its biggest transformation
as a direct result of the accelerated changes that society is experiencing.
Globalisation and increasing competition are forcing the construction
industry to abandon its traditional practices and intensive labour
characteristics and to adopt industrial practices typical of manufacturing.
This further enhances the attractiveness of steel construction.

Design of steel structures — Steel Work Group

All these advantages can only be achieved with sound technical
knowledge of all the stages in the life-cycle of the construction process
(from design, construction and operation to final dismantling). The objective of the ECCS Eurocode Design Manuals is to provide design guidance on the use of the Eurocodes through a “light” overview of the theoretical background together with an explanation of the code’s provisions, supported by detailed, practical design examples based on real structures.

This manual follows the code prescriptions of the Structural
Eurocodes. This is done without loss of generality since the theoretical
background, the design philosophy and the design examples are code
independent, except when it comes to the specific design procedures.

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