Family Law Section

A introduction of Family Law Section :

Manage a professional staff of vocational counselors in up to three offices throughout Oregon. Involved in personnel, marketing, planning and finance. Write proposals for projects and contracts. Provide staff training and evaluation. Responsible for hiring, training and supervising a total of over sixty five rehabilitation counselors, placement specialists and support specialists over many years. Acted as a qualified internship coordinator for several counseling students through Portland State University’s Council on Rehabilitation Education Accredited graduate program in Rehabilitation Counseling.Family Law Section

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Senior Rehabilitation Counselor :
Provide all phases of vocational rehabilitation services to injured workers and others with physical and nonexertional limitations including eligibility assessment, vocational evaluation, early return to work services, work-site modification services, testing, placement, training plan development and implementation, progress monitoring, medical management, testimony, and follow up.Family Law Section

Certified Vocational Expert :
Provide vocational expert evaluation and testimony under contract to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Social Security Administration. Provide expert testimony in State Workers’ Compensation, Longshore, personal injury, divorce, employment, malpractice and other legal settings requiring an opinion as to employability, assessment of earning capacity, labor market issues and household service needs. Projections of future earning capacity, vocational/economic analysis.

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Licensed Professional Counselor : Provide personal adjustment and private career counseling, specializing in psychological aspects of disability, work-life planning and improving relationships with co-workers.Family Law Section

Rehabilitation Counselor :
Provide the full range of vocational rehabilitation services to injured workers as is described above. Provide limited vocational expert
testimony services. Assisted in development of marketing program.
Acted as supervisor of intern counselor.

Rehabilitation Specialist :
Provide full range of vocational rehabilitation services with injured
workers and individuals on long-term disability programs. Provide
supervisory services to new counselors. Provide vocational testimony
services. Chosen by supervisor for recommendation to national offices
Presidents Club for outstanding performance in Portland region.

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Counselor Intern :
Worked with state vocational rehabilitation counselors in eligibility determination. Assisted in evaluation services. Consulted with psychological and medical advisors. Referred clients for testing services, interpreted testing. Assisted with placement services. Authored independent research project in independent living for persons with disabilities. Participated in intensive training program for state VR counselors.Family Law Section

Group Home Manager :
Supervised and managed activities of ten developmentally disabled
adults in a group home for individuals attending a sheltered workshop program. Maintained behavioral and medication records. Provide counseling and behavior modification services. Teach Independent Living skills and pre-vocational skills.

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Rehabilitation Aide :
Provided instruction in pre-vocational skills to developmentally
Disabled adults in this large training oriented sheltered workshop.

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