Planning of signalling system : Any work to be taken up is essentially required to be planned for hassle free and perfect implementation. The importance of planning acquires high degree when it is about Railway Signalling System bearing high safety level involving human life and financial implications.


For planning the signalling system, an in-depth knowledge of the systems in vogue on the given section of railways, developments having taken place till date of planning, special features of the area and many more factors, is required to be known, along with likely future developments, such as use of Moving Block system, Coded Track circuits, Cab Signalling and many more modifications and additions to present system of signalling.INDIAN RAILWAY SIGNAL ENGINEERING

Factors required to be well understood before taking up planning : trains is not only about safety with speed and smooth running as primary concern but also about professional and financial efficiency which is based upon important factors. The set of persons involved with the planning are therefore supposed to be adequately experienced, updated and well versed with the latest technology of signalling systems.

System of working trains proposed to be used : Under a new railway, only Absolute Block System or Automatic Block System shall be used for working train in normal course besides other systems of working trains viz., The Following Train System, The Pilot Guard system, The Train – Staff and Ticket System, or The One Train Only System, may be used under Special Approved Instructions, depending upon requirement for the sake of operating preference and/or economy [Indian Government Railway General Rule, Chapter-VII].

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