Introduction of Information Security

Whether you are a security professional, an IT professional who wants to learn more about security, someone who has been thrust into a security role without preparation, an executive who wants to increase your organization’s knowledge assets, a member of a sales force in a company that sells security products or services, or a technology, law, or business student or professor in a college or university, this book was written for you.

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Students and professionals alike need a comprehensive guide to all aspects of security, and this second edition fulfills corporate and academic needs with updated material. Colleges now offer dedicated information security programs, yet they don’t have access to a comprehensive security textbook. Organized with academic institutions in mind, this book is an important resource for the security professionals of the future, and it is still the only comprehensive book on security.

This book takes a vendor-neutral approach in order to improve the lifespan and applicability of the material without “favoritism” to particular products. A typical reader of this book would be a networking or technology professional put in charge of deploying and managing network security within their company. Due to cuts in IT budgets, many IT professionals are being tasked with assessing and deploying network
security solutions for their company.

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Millions of IT professionals in small, midsize, and large companies are finding themselves in charge of network security but are ill-equipped to handle these responsibilities. Many of these IT professionals do not possess enough training to successfully secure their networks from both internal and external attacks. This book contains everything they need to know about information security.

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