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There are many books, pricey consultants, guides, expensive courses, and magazine articles telling us how to improve. Improvers tell us how to do everything from diet, exercise, staying healthy, relaxing, sleeping, investing, fixing our homes, and growing vegetables to bringing up our children—there are recommended fixes available for every human condition! This trend is nowhere more prevalent than in business and industry and most especially in manufacturing. MANUFACTURING

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The challenge for this chapter is to deliver meaningful content that, if applied diligently, will enable readers to improve their manufacturing systems. We must go beyond the acronyms and buzzwords, and here there are strong parallels with self-improvement. To be successful, self-improvement and a diet or exercise regimen first requires admission, recognition, and consciousness of the necessity for improvement. The next
step required is to realize that improvement is possible; then there must be a willingness and eager enthusiasm to meet the challenges and commence the task or tasks; this can be very difficult. MANUFACTURING

It is too easy for managers or erstwhile change agents to place placards by the coffee and soda machines and in the cafeteria with messages like “Learn today and be here tomorrow.” Inspirational posters, T-shirts, and baseball caps with logos and slogans are often made available as promotional incentives. This is ignorant folly and can rapidly turn any improvement project into a cliché and workplace joke. A leading slogan (maybe some slogans are unavoidable) is continuous improvement.

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Here the models from sports or the arts are appropriate. Athletes and musicians practice, learn, and train, almost as a way of life. Similar approaches and habits must be introduced to the manufacturing regimen. Here, management must lead by example and act as coaches while at the same time accepting that they also must be engaged in continuing endeavors to improve. Commitment and the enthusiasm of management, accompanied by visible participation, are essential. ISLAM AND THE FUTURE OF TOLERANCE

In fact, no improvement initiative should be launched without a prior thoroughgoing and preferably independent objective analysis to assess the morale of the whole operation or enterprise. Incorrect assumptions by leadership will result in poor planning, possibly inappropriate emphasis,
and ineffective implementation. As a consequence there could be negative effects on workplace morale, and the initiative could be destined for failure.

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Beyond this it is wise to recognize that any initiative will inevitably have a life cycle.1 Thus, planning and implementation must be very careful and deliberate. Initiatives of this nature should not be considered as once and done. There must be long-range plans for continuation, revitalization, and refreshment. To be successful, the improvement initiative(s) must become
embedded into the culture and practices of the enterprise.

It must become a habit, and resources must be allocated to support successful implementation and on-going maintenance. Improvement can be an abstract notion, but any improvement must be accompanied by a
thorough analysis and understanding of exactly what is to be improved. An athlete has many performance metrics, such as resting pulse, heart and lung capacities, treadmill and weight performances, times for standard tests, and ultimately, of course, competitive results.

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Practice and training regimens are developed to focus on areas of weakness and to develop greater capabilities in zones of opportunity. Time is spent in counseling, measuring, and planning with development of very specific exercises on a continuing basis. It is rare to discover this kind of detailed
attention being paid to the improvement of individuals, teams, or their performance in manufacturing enterprises. Nevertheless this is an essential concomitant to any improvement regions.

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