Offshore structures have special economic and technical characteristics. Economically, offshore structures are dependent on oil and gas production, which is directly related to global investment, which is in turn affected by the price of oil. For example, in 2008 oil prices increased worldwide, and as a result many offshore structure projects were started during that time period.


Technically, offshore structure platform design and construction are a hybrid of steel structure design and harbor design and construction.Only a limited number of faculty of engineering focus on offshore structural engineering, including the design of fixed offshore platforms,

floating or other types, and, perhaps due to the limited number of offshore structural projects in comparison to the number of normal steel structural projects, such as residential facilities and factories. In addition, offshore steel structure construction depends on continuous research and study drawn from around the world.

All the major multinational companies that work in the oil and gas business are interested in offshore structures. These companies provide continuous support for research and development that will enhance the ability of their engineering firms and construction contractors to support their business needs.

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