Electricity is the only form of energy which is casy lo produce, easy to transport, Easy to use and easy to control. So, it is mostly the terminal form of energy for transmission and distribution. Electricity consumption per capita is the index of the living standard of people of a place or country.
Electricity in bulk quantitics is produced in power plants.POWER PLANT ENGINEERING


which can be of the following types:

(a) Therrmal, (b) Nuclear, (c) Hydraulie, (d) Gas turbine (e)Geothermal.

Thermal, nuclear and geothermal power plants work with steam
as the working fluid and have many similaritics in their cyclc and structure. Gas turbine plants are often used as peaking units. They run for short periods in a day to met the peak load denand. They are, however, being increasingly usd in conjunction with a botoming steam plant in the mode of combined cycle power generation. POWER PLANT ENGINEERING

Hydraulic power plants are essentially multipurpose. Besides generating power, they also cater for irigation, flood scontrol, fisheries, afforestation, navigatio, ete. They are, however, expensive and take long time to build. There is also considerable opposition against their erection due to the ccological imbalance they produce. Geothemal power plants can be built only in certain geographical locations.POWER PLANT ENGINEERING

Thermal power plants generate more than 80% of the total electricity
produced in the workd. Fossil fucls, viz. coal. fuel oil and natural gas are the
energy source, and steam is the working fluid. Stcam is also required in many industries for process bcat. To meet the dual neood of powerT and process beat, cogeneration plants are often installod. There has been an exponential growth in the production of electricity. If the electricity production increases at the same fractional rate, i, cach ycar, the
rate of change of electricity production per year.

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