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In this day and age of cut throat competition, everybody is either trying to outthink or out-do each other. Each and every aspect of life has now taken on a very different dynamic and everything ultimately leads to just being a “contest.”Problem-SolvingENGINEERING MECHANICS

While running the race to win the coveted first prize, people try to apply as much of their brain force as possible, in order to arrive at conclusive and advantageous decisions. If you are one of those who is finding it tough to match the footsteps of such lateral and “out of the box” thinkers, then you have come to the right place. This eBook will be dedicated to the cause of understanding the concept of critical thinking, analyzing its various aspects and looking at the different ways in which you can implement it to derive all its benefits. Problem-SolvingINTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE

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It will also provide you with detailed information on problem solving – the problems that we face and also the procedure to use. There are examples that have been stated across the book that will help you understand the situations better. You will find that problem solving, critical thinking and decision making go hand in hand. It is only through critical thinking and decision making that we will be able to identify a solution to any problem. These problems could be small or very big.Problem-Solving

But the process of problem solving is fool proof and helps you identify solutions with ease. The chapters cover the different strategies that you could use to solve a problem. There is also a detailed explanation on the problem solving cycle. This process is usually used while working towards overcoming a problem. Problem solving and critical thinking are usually directed towards managers and supervisors in a company. However this is not true! Every human being faces problems in life. Problem-Solving

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This process can be used to deal with those problems as well. The book will also look at your problem-solving skills and provide you with tips to increase your brain power and utilize common sense solutions to solving problems at an elevated rate. This eBook will also help you improve your decision making capacity, and allow you to make full use of your potential, in understanding how the human brain works and how you can successfully improve your life by making the best use of your mind power.

By the time you have finished reading this book, you will start to realize how much more potential you have and be able to start to lay the groundwork for implementing critical thinking in your life. I want to thank you for downloading this eBook and hope it helps you improve your problem solving and critical thinking skills. Let us begin.

Problem solving is a term that every human being might have come across on multiple occasions. Everybody states that a manager or a supervisor has to be a master at problem solving. But this is not true! Every human being faces multiple problems in life that he must try to solve. For instance a housewife has to plan the expenditure for her house carefully.

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If she finds that she is running short of finances, she must work backwards and see how she can overcome the problem while purchasing the same amount of products for her house. The process of problem solving is not relevant only to human beings. It could be related to most living beings. It was found that there are cats living in the arctic region. Its climate is terribly cold and there is barely any life in the region. There are cats in the region though! Surprising is it not? These cats are lean because their body burns the fat to keep it warm. Problem-SolvingSTRENGTH OF MATERIALS

It cannot last forever without food. There are rabbits in the arctic too. These rabbits are food for the cats. The cat cannot chase the rabbit all over the region. It cannot lose all of its energy in chasing a rabbit that it might not catch. The cat actually analyzes the situation and checks on whether or not it should chase the rabbit. It takes into consideration the distance between the rabbit and itself. If it feels that it can chase the rabbit and catch it, it goes on its hunt.Problem-SolvingTHEORY OF MACHINES

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This is a classic example of problem solving. The problem at hand here is
whether or not the cat must hunt for the rabbit. The cat uses the basics of physics in order to obtain a solution. The answer is very simple – yes or no. It is the method through which the answer is obtained that is problem solving! This method generally consists of using ad hoc methods to identify solutions to problems of any magnitude. Problem-SolvingENGINEERING MATHEMATICS

These methods though ad hoc are used in an orderly fashion in order to obtain next to perfect results. A lot of these techniques are used in computer science, engineering and mathematics. These techniques have been developed through the techniques studied and used in psychology.

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