Welcome to the SolidWorks 2009 Bible. This book has been written as a desk reference for beginning and intermediate SolidWorks users. SolidWorks is such an immense software program that trying to cover all of its functions is an extremely ambitious undertaking, and I know that a few have been left out. Because of the scope of the topic, I have limited the book to covering the basic SolidWorks package, without the Office, Office Professional, or Office Premium add-ins, although I have devoted half of a chapter to Toolbox.ENGINEERING MECHANICS

About This Book

You will find enough information here that the book can grow with your SolidWorks needs. I have written tutorials for most of the chapters with newer users in mind, because for them, it is most helpful to see how things are done in SolidWorks step by step. The longer narrative examples give more in-depth information about features and functions, as well as the results of various settings and options. I have included an extensive appendix covering the Tools, Options settings. This offers an in-depth
explanation of each option, including both System Options and Document Properties. This appendix uses special symbols to identify items that are new for SolidWorks 2007 or that affect file size or speed.

How This Book Is Organized?

This book is divided into eight parts.STRENGTH OF MATERIALS

SolidWorks Simulation tutorial for Beginners - YouTube

Part I: SolidWorks Basics
This part explores basic concepts and terminology used in SolidWorks. You need to read this section if you are new to the software and especially if you are new to 3D modeling or parametric history-based design.

Part II: Building Intelligence into Your PartsHow to Win Every Argument
This part takes a deeper look at creating parametric relations to automate changes

Part III: Working with Assemblies
Part III delves into assembly modeling in it various aspects, from efficiency to in-context modeling.Problem-Solving

Part IV: Creating and Using Libraries
Part IV helps you understand how to build and manage libraries of various types with an eye toward upgrading versions, best practice and reusing data when possible.ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS

Solidworks tutorial | sketch Shock absorber in Solidworks ...

Part V: Creating Drawings
This part examines the functionality within the 2D drawing side of the software. Whether you are creating views, making tables or customizing annotations, this chapter has something for everyone.

Part VI: Using Advanced TechniquesMACHINE DRAWING
This part examines several types of advanced techniques, such as surface modeling and multi-body modeling. This is information you won’t find in other SolidWorks books, explained here by some one who uses the functionality dailyMANUFACTURING

Part VII: Working with Specialized FunctionalityINTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE Specialized functionality such as sheet metal, weldments, plastics and animation requires detailed information. Part VII includes these topics because they are key to unlocking all of the power available in SolidWorks.

The appendices in this book cover a range of ancillary data from how to implement the software to a detailed and complete list of the available options. The Tools➪Options list in Appendix B is one of those things that distinguishes this book from others available. You need to know where to find settings, and this appendix has it all.RESISTING HAPPINESS

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