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Strength of Material or more precisely known as Mechanics of Material is a branch of Engineering which tackles the problems related with the behaviour and response of the material or a structural component by analysing the deformation and ability to withstand an applied load without failure.

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It generally deals with a more advanced study of the Applied Mechanics. Here the study goes into the microstructure and the structure flaws of the material. The two major components around which the whole study is made are Stress and Strain.

At present there are various structure member which have a significant importance in engineering and its necessary to study the strength of the material by which these structure members are made to avoid the failure of the structure in real time application. These study which comprises of gaining knowledge of mechanical properties such as modulus of elasticity, yield strength, ultimate strength etc. are done prior of using the materials in real life application to design machines and different engineering structure.

Keeping the above point in mind this subject can be treated as a backbone of Engineering or more precisely Applied Mechanics. Thus, it acts as a base of all those theories which are used in designing all the different types of machines, engineering structure and equipment which are subjected to different types of mechanical load.


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